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Welcome to Faux Iron Solutions!

We are the prime wholesale distributor of Tableaux® faux wrought iron products to the interior design, window treatment, home furnishing, hospitality, and construction industries.

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New: Snug Seal™ Template-less Installation System

Tableaux® Faux Wrought Iron:

  • Tableaux faux wrought iron is a non-structural, customizable, light weight interior design and window treatment product. 
  • Tableaux expands and enriches the ornamental or decorative design characteristics of iron with its increased design flexibility and customization potential.
  • Tableaux faux wrought iron is a green and environmentally friendly, LEED certified material. More material information.
  • Tableaux iron work designs and motifs catalog incorporates decorative designs spanning from modern European classic, romantic Mediterranean, to modern geometric designs.
  • Tableaux design artists can adapt and render any design concept or wish into unique personalized custom designs.
  • Tableaux faux wrought iron prices are particularly competitive when compared with any custom ironwork projects requiring precise shapes, dimensions, and design specifications.

Tableaux® Faux Wrought Iron Applications:

Wrought Iron vs. Tableaux Faux Wrought Iron PDF Print E-mail


Wrought Iron railingHow does Tableaux® faux wrought iron compare to traditional decorative or ornamental wrought iron?

Tableaux® is not iron at all! It is crafted from a composite material made from recycled or reclaimed wood fibers and resins.

Tableaux® retains and even expands on the best decorative characteristics of iron while incorporating some unique characteristics:

  • Design flexibility and increase customization potential
  • Light Weight (10% of the weight of iron)
  • Ease of installation
  • Cost effectiveness

Ornamental Iron work design dates back to the 6th century.  Iron smithing and iron decorative crafting spread from utilitarian weaponry, window and door security bars, fencing to highly skilled iron artistry.  Wrought iron art like many other crafts evolved dramatically because of new technology and materials. Today we still have the strength and beauty of wrought iron available to us for structural applications such as window grilles, fencing, railings, and doors.

Faux Wrought Iron Snug Seal™ No-Template Assembly Method PDF Print E-mail

Snug Seal™ assembly method allows for expedited designing and manufacturing of Tableaux® inserts without the prior headache of making a template.

Other benefits of Snug Seal™ are cost savings from making and mailing templates, reduction of fitting errors,  and simplified installation of your Tableaux®.



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