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Saturday 19th of April 2014
Faux Iron Design Sphere
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 16:34

Fooling the Eye for Real Effects

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Tuscan-inspired design never left home fashion, it just continues to express its timeless decorative message through modern materials.  While we often receive inquiries about using Tableaux® faux wrought iron for Juliette balconies, we don’t often get a finished project photo of one.  Thanks to Mike Vikesland of Embellish design in Austin, TX for this simply elegant installation of Tableaux.

To create your own Juliette balcony, you can order the Tableaux as one length similar to what you see here, adding your own decorative touches on the vertical bars, if you wish.  We’ve seen other equally creative faux balconies with the vertical bars attached over the rail bars.

 Remember, Tableaux is a decorative wrought iron product, not a structural one. So be sure you’re your balcony railing is never used.  We also recommend that Tableaux never be specified for balustrades or railings of any kind where personal safety is at issue.  There are so many delightful, ornamental applications for faux wrought iron that give you the look and feel of real iron.  To learn more about how to order your Juliette balcony, give us a call or email us from this website.


Monday, 21 November 2011 15:19

It Doesn't Get Any Better.....

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!  

The Budget Blinds of Hutchinson (KS) including Mary, Linda, Rachel & Jerry took the words right out of my mouth when I thought of how I wanted to acknowledge the upcoming holiday with you, our customers, potential customers and casual browsers to our website.  The Hutchinson team warmed our hearts with their timely message I received in the mail this morning.  

Thanks to the many regular customers we have across the US and Canada, we've had a great year in business this 2011, though it is in no small part due to relationships like ours with the Hutchinson team that is responsible for our mutual success. 

We consider it a privilege to advise, service, and manage your orders throughout the year, so no special thanks are necessary. But if you want to light up someone's day, send them a Send Out Card (www.sendoutcards.com/127830).  Thank you all and enjoy a fulfilling holiday.

Thursday, 03 November 2011 14:15

Radical Room Revival

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Nothing turns a room around quicker than a Tableaux® application somewhere.  We’ve been seeing the happy results of this phenomenon for years now, but you have to experience it yourself to know the difference the look and feel of wrought iron has on a room – and an entire family!

Click on the link below to see the HGTV’d episode with international design star, Sandra Espinet’s generous use of Tableaux faux iron throughout the sophisticated multipurpose upstairs lounge in Michelle and Ricky Cardenas’ home.  Michelle and Ricky dreamed of having a cozy media room where they could relax and experience a social area away from their young family.

An upstairs bedroom became a Mexican-inspired cantina with a distinct upscale look with Tableaux prominently featured.

You don’t need HGTV to overhaul your home to have the benefits of the Tableaux experience yourself. Tableaux brings forth the romance and elegance of wrought iron no matter what style you now have in your home.

HGTV'D Radical Room Revival 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011 16:30

Invite Tableaux to Your Holiday Party This Year

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“But I need my Tableaux® for my party, why can’t you have it here?”

 The pleading can get a little testy. Does this sound familiar to you? Hopefully not, but we hear this refrain many times a day between now and the end of the year.

 We love Tableaux too, and not just because we are the leading provider of the elegant faux wrought iron material. We know how popular the old world iron designs are, especially during the holiday season with emphasis on tradition. The graceful curves and curls hark to an age of fine craftsmanship, forged iron beauty and metallic might. Tableaux faux iron window, door, or cabinet inserts are a hit any time of year, but especially during the holiday season.

 Enjoy this photo designer Kathy Machir sent us to inspire you to have Tableaux in your holiday plans this year.

Happy endings to order resolution don’t get any better than this. When there is a miscommunication about an order, we really do make every attempt to understand what happened and how to rectify it quickly.

While we at Faux Iron do not expect a Thank You for our work (other than a normal passing courtesy) , I have to tell you we were all blown away when this card arrived from Linda in the mail.  Big smiles all around here!  But wait, there’s more….after I called Linda to tell her the impact her card had on us all, guess what I received today?  Yup, a postcard Thanking Me for Thanking Her!  I guess you can’t have too many smiles and warm feelings these days!!  I found out you too can send out cards by going to www.sendoutcards.com/ROIKO.

Friday, 16 September 2011 11:48

Look Up for Inspiration

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Ceiling treatments come in many interesting variations, from a round medallion around a light fixture to coffer inserts across the entire ceiling. The look and feel of wrought iron design used in ceiling applications never fails to amaze and inspire.

Designer Paula Peterson of Interior Viewpoint (Flossmoor, IN) recently shared her photo with us and we clearly remember going through the ordering process with her step by step. This photo is a frameless design with a white iron finish color. The white on white Tableaux on the ceiling evokes Traditional styling with the freshness of iron rather than plaster.

Let us advise you on how to order the perfect ceiling treatment for your customer. We can work with you on how to measure, plan for inset or eyeball lighting, how to select installation hardware including spacers and show you photos that illustrate your unique wrought iron ceiling design selection.

We love this story supplied by Naperville, IL designer Maria O’Connor.  It is actually the first Tableaux® soffit installation we’ve seen – another original application idea! And then there’s the crate…

 “My install was quite the success, thanks to an awesome carpenter & Faux Iron.  The template Dave (my installer) supplied to you all was absolutely perfect.  And thanks to his carpenter mind - he anticipated having to get it up to the soffit, so he brought his jacks.  Then he decided to take apart the crate and use the long pieces of wood so that we all could get it up to the soffit and then crank the jack lever to keep it in place.

My heart was beating a thousand miles a minute - it was such a long piece.  As a matter of fact, it did not fit in my SUV (about 2.5 feet stuck out of my car) - so Dave had to come and attach it to the roof of his truck.  A lesson learned:  "never throw out the crate your Tableaux comes in until after a successful install" - so glad the garbage man didn't take it...needless to say, I didn't - thank goodness.  The client was absolutely thrilled and happy with the result.

Once again, thank you very much to all. It looks fabulous!”

I see a whole new possibility –  just what do you do with your Tableaux packing crates? While they may be destined for the land fill, I wonder what creative uses you’ve invented for those sturdy boxes?  Is anyone using them for art projects???  Don’t hold back, let us know!

We were especially delighted to hear from Inner Design Studio in Brentwood, TN about how well Tableaux faux iron fit into their reception area for New Carolinas Medical Center in Lincoln, NC and want to share this photo with all of you.

We always happy to hear success stories from our customers about just on the mark Tableaux figures into their overall design. Imagine our delight when Allison Hughey, designer for Inner Design Studios in Brentwood, TN showed us her ‘baby pictures’ of their acclaimed Carolinas Medical Center in Lincoln, NC with Tableaux faux iron prominently displayed in the reception area.

Chatting with Allison revealed that the design firm was directed to create an upscale, Ritz Carlton hotel experience in the hospital reception area.  It needed to have a traditional feel as well as be comfortable and inviting for patients and visitors.

Naturally, cost concerns demanded the most “bang for the buck” which is why Allison and her team liked Tableaux. She could specify the exact design, finish color and size to fit the key display areas throughout the reception area without breaking the budget.

Many thanks to Inner Design Studios for sharing their work with us! You can learn more about this healthcare design firm at www.innerdesignstudio.com.

Monday, 18 July 2011 12:57

The Art of the Arch - How to Measure Up

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One of most popular FAQ’s has to do with measuring for a Tableaux® faux iron arch installation. Let’s take the mystery out of it to make your first arch installation easy from the very start.

First of all to get a quick estimate of how your project will cost, use your MSRP pricing grid and find the intersection of the width and height of the arch. Your retail price will be in that cell.

Now for dealers to receive a schematic drawing of the arch from us, you can make a template of the opening using sturdy brown paper, cut it out and mail it in to us or order the arch with SnugSeal.

SnugSeal is an alternative to making a template! Learn more about SnugSeal by referring to our website where we have the whole story with pictures about this labor-saving device. Basically, SnugSeal is a bulb gasket that is firmly attached to the outside edge of the Tableaux. We begin by noting your width, leg and peak heights actual arch measurements, then we take a 3/8” deduction all the way around. A Tableaux with SnugSeal application installs tightly within the opening, eliminating any light gap around the edges and filling in any irregularity in the opening itself.

So either way, your Tableaux arches are easy to order. We happily provide written instructions about either method to our dealers that request them.

The look and feel of wrought iron can be yours at a fraction of the weight and cost with Tableaux.

Friday, 24 June 2011 13:34

TableauxEX Welcomes Weather

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Sun and surf are proving to be a good match for TableauxEX®, the Tableaux name for exterior usage.  It is always good to hear success stories about faux wrought iron design solutions, though this application provided by Bermuda designer Jill Henneberger is especially interesting.

One of the questions we get most frequently asked is, how does Tableaux stand up to extreme weather conditions? Product specs don’t give nearly as clear a picture as does an actual application photo.

So take in the elegant photo Jill provided of her pineapple design TableauxEX, she specified for a residence on the island nation of Bermuda.

Jill shares with us, “This Tableaux was used for the main gate of our clients’ vacation home and will greet many guests and family members. The pineapple, although never grown for commerce in Bermuda, is a symbol of hospitality…which is a most appropriate motif for this home and the welcoming nature of its owners. Beyond the visual impact of the design, the non-metal construction of the product was the main factor for choosing faux iron. Bermuda has very high humidity and the home is located right on the ocean, subject to salt air and the occasional rogue wave.”

What a relief to enjoy the beauty of wrought iron design without the need to worry about rusting!

Learn more about Jill at http://bydesign.bm.

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