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Wednesday 23rd of April 2014

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Wrought Iron Exterior - Architectural & Garden Faux Iron Accents

Tableaux Faux Wrought Iron Exterior Applications:

  • Architectural Decorative Faux Iron Accents
  • Ironwork Corner Brackets or Arches
  • Patio, Gazebo, Terrace, or Sunroom Decorative Iron Elements
  • Exterior Wall and Wall Niches Decorative Iron Work
  • Attic Gable Vent Decorative Iron Covers
  • Exterior Decorative Door Inserts
  • Garden or Patio Iron Trellises
  • Faux Balconies

Tableaux Exterior (EX) Use Faux Wrought Iron Material:
The Tableaux EX material used for exterior application is a water, rot, and termite resistant wood composite material.


Faux Iron Exterior Wall Decor
Faux Wrought Iron Doorway Accent
Tableaux wrought iron entryway arch decorative trim. Firenze design. Water resistant material.
Faux Wrought Iron Decorative Fence Top

Custom decorative fence top inserts.

Faux Wrought Iron Exterior Decor
Tableaux wrought iron water resistent exterior iron art. Firenze design. Direct mounted on wall.
Faux Iron Facade Wall Accent
Faux Wrought Iron Patio Application

Tableaux wrought iron trellis in a patio application. Water resistant material. Design Firenze.

Faux Wrought Iron Carved Motif
Tableaux custom carving used durign a wedding cerimony -- chinese motif for 'Double Happiness'.
Faux Wrought Iron Patio Trellis
Tableaux wrought iron patio trellis application. Water resistant material. Firenze design.
Faux Wrought Iron Exterior Accent
Tableaux wrough iron used as a decorative frame around a fountain. A special ornamental touch in a garden or patio application.
Faux Wrought Iron Accent Brackets
Tableaux wrought iron brackets used as outdoor patio accenting.
Faux Wrought Iron Exterior Door Insert

Tableaux wrought iron insert transforming an ordinary door.

Faux Wrought Iron Exterior Window
Desin #039 (Firenze) and Design #437, (Napoli), Iron Light Rust Finish 

Faux Wrought Iron Exterior Window Insert
Design #437, Napoli, Iron Light Rust
Faux Wrought Iron Exterior Window Insert
Design #437, Napoli, Iron Light Rust Finish
Faux Iron Exterior Wall Decor
Exterior Decorative Window Inserts
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