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Sunday 20th of April 2014

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Wrought Iron railingHow does Tableaux® faux wrought iron compare to traditional decorative or ornamental wrought iron?

Tableaux® is not iron at all! It is crafted from a composite material made from recycled or reclaimed wood fibers and resins.

Tableaux® retains and even expands on the best decorative characteristics of iron while incorporating some unique characteristics:

  • Design flexibility and increase customization potential
  • Light Weight (10% of the weight of iron)
  • Ease of installation
  • Cost effectiveness

Ornamental Iron work design dates back to the 6th century.  Iron smithing and iron decorative crafting spread from utilitarian weaponry, window and door security bars, fencing to highly skilled iron artistry.  Wrought iron art like many other crafts evolved dramatically because of new technology and materials. Today we still have the strength and beauty of wrought iron available to us for structural applications such as window grilles, fencing, railings, and doors.


Tableaux® faux wrought iron borrows from many world cultures that used beautiful forged iron or cast iron to express unique ornamental motifs.  Tableaux® is the contemporary evolution of decorative wrought iron design elegance without the cost, weight or maintenance.

Tableaux® is used for decorative, non structural applications only.  Because it is not iron, it’s lightweight material can be easily inserted into or mounted onto windows, doors, cabinetry, ceiling coffers or used for wall art and grilles using standard construction framework as mounting structures.Tableaux Faux Wrought Iron curl

How does the cost of Tableaux® compare with "real" wrought iron art?

Tableaux faux wrought iron is extremely price competitive for most decorative applications requiring the beauty of custom iron work. A cost comparison also needs to take into account  the fact that decorative applications employing Tableaux faux iron do not require the additional structural / framework reinforcement typically necessary to support the weight of “real” wrought iron pieces.

The more customized and the more intricate the design the more price competitive Tableaux faux wrought iron becomes. For instance, Tableaux faux ironwork can replicate the intricacies found in cast iron work for an individual piece without the prohibitive costs associated with cast iron molds.

With Tableaux® faux wrought iron you can focus on what matters most and that is having the creative design that pleases you– no compromises.

You can select any wrought iron design from our design library or provide your own design for us to customize the design for you -- add a monogram, match an existing chandelier, or invent your own design -- virtually not limits. With an array of iron finishes available to choose from, your Tableaux® faux wrought iron looks like the real thing.